de Ruijter sinds 1860

De Ruijter

Bread decorator since 1860

De Ruijter is a traditional Dutch brand which has produced varied bread toppings for many years.
The company was set up in 1860 and started the production of the typically Dutch aniseed comfits. People in the Netherlands eat the aniseed comfits on rusk to celebrate the birth of a baby.

De Ruijter’s product range has meanwhile expanded considerably and has become a household name in the Netherlands. Chocolate sprinkles and chocolate flakes are particularly popular and have become a real Dutch icon.

Did you know that the average Dutch person eats 1 kilo of chocolate bread toppings per year? Chocolate sprinkles are the most popular condiment: Dutch people eat more than 600 million sandwiches with this delicious topping every year.

Enjoy responsibly


De Ruijter thinks quality is of paramount importance and produces its chocolate sprinkles and flakes using the best chocolate. De Ruijter manufactures its products with care and attention. Therefore, they have chosen to join UTZ Certified, an organisation that improves the farmers’ professionalism, and consequently their competitive position. Of course, we think that the flavour and quality of the chocolate is the most important aspect, which we also want to continue delivering in the future. For this reason, we want our cocoa beans to be produced in a socially responsible and sustainable way. This also makes our sprinkles and flakes even tastier.


De Ruijter has set great store by true craftsmanship since 1860. Responsibility for process and product goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility for a sustainable future. The UTZ Certified programme is aimed at improving farmers’ skills, which leads to bigger harvests and better quality, as well as responsible deployment of people, equipment and use of the environment. Besides knowledge increase for cocoa bean farmers, this means that their standard of living will increase as well!